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Welcome to Advance Paper & Maintenance Supply, formerly known as Mesa Janitorial Supply. Here you can find everything you need to transform your business into a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at (480) 964-6108.


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Tips For Easy Spring Cleaning For Home Surfaces And Windows

Marc De Rosa

Whether homeowners are getting ready to sell their houses during the spring home buying season or just getting their homes ready for visitors, a spring cleaning is the natural next step after winter ends. To ensure homes are free of clutter, The Federal Savings Bank offers a few tips for easy and simple spring cleaning:

Spray protective sealants on surfaces
When opening their homes to guests, homeowners should be aware of the dust, grime and dirt that could be present on everyday surfaces like furniture. Rather than wait for this buildup to become visible on furniture and carpets, homeowners spray sealants and other protective agents on surfaces to prevent stains and other contaminants like mold and mildew.

Clean windows on wind-free days
Before cleaning windows, homeowners could choose the right day. Since sunlight can result in streaks and gusts could redirect the spray, the best time to clean windows is when there is an overcast sky and it is not windy. When washing the windows, use a fresh cloth and wash the windows from the outside in on its surface.

Spring cleaning is the necessary first step to any new home purchase at this time. Thankfully, cleaning a home is easiest when it’s empty upon purchase. Remember to begin cleaning from the top down.

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